One Hundred

Layne has his one hundredth day of school yesterday and in it's honor he was assigned to write a book.

It reads;

I wish I had 100 QoDR'S (quarters)
I wish I had 100 SiStrs (sisters)
I wish I had 100 MAGic crisTLs (magic crystals)
But I wouldn't want 100 SCWrPeinS (scorpions)

100 years from now people will Be Mare KinD PePL WiLe Lev AMnS ULon (Be more kind. People will leave animals alone)

I could eat 100 CAnDey Brs (candy bars)
I could eat 100 Pesu's (pizzas)
I could eat 100 reD PePr's (red peppers)

P.S.  He has been earning money with orange juice again, outside this time.


The Driggs said...

100 Sisters? You and Jarom better get crackin'! That is so cute...and thank you for translating it for us.

JB said...

She has to translate for me as well. Some times she even tells Layne what he wrote.