money, Money, MONey, MON-EY!

Layne fell in love with my grandma's old electric juicer. He started up he own juicing business by selling his orange juice for $2 a quart. I think he ended up making over $50 over the last month and now he is burnt out.

Jarom did most of the picking, but Layne did most of the bagging. At home he washed them, cut them, juiced them, poured the juice in jars, sort of cleaned up (it was the month of the fruit flies) then called people to buy them. I was mostly impressed with his system, except for his phone skills. The worst being when he was talking to one person on the phone and someone rang the doorbell. People at the door are the most important people in the world to Layne.

He put about half in the bank, paid tithing, spent some and gave away the rest.


Kathryn said...

That's awesome! Good for him! Looks like you have a little entrepreneur on your hands! It's good for them to learn a little hard work, isn't it?

The Driggs said...

That is so great! I love how much of the work came from him alone. That's awesome that he's learning that at such a young age.

ashley in wonderland said...

hahah i want to make 50 bucks! too bad the citrus in Idaho is disgusting. who did he give away money to?

Kara said...

50 bucks was after working 5 hours a week for 8 weeks...he gave the money to Jarom and me and Brik and his friends. Everybody knows giving money away is tons of fun!