Eat at Marks

Yes, my boys play "Chef's."  It is like "house," Bagley style.

Step 1; move the kitchen to the playfort.  This includes tables and cooking utensils to the upper level.

Step 2; write the menu

Step 3; make the restaurant customer friendly.  This includes a board that represents a table on the lookout, which is the smallest area of the entire fort and incredibly difficult for full size people to get in and out of.  Also, post a sign in the foyer for guest safety which reads "PLes.  Do NoT Go in BAC sind (signed) LAYne"

Step 4; track down customers

Step 5; take order

Step 6; discuss order with su chef, Brik

Step 7; cook.  Note; the red side of the lego table was the fire.  Layne warned Brik Not to burn himself.

Step 8; serve the customers and watch them eat.

Roxwell ordered pizza, but was served a tissue.  He was a good sport and pretended to eat the tissue.

I suggested that since their place is called "Fish Marks," They should have some fish on the menu.  Layne added Fish Sticks for today and said when I come back tomorrow they will make me Mahi Mahi.

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Nancy Pitney said...

That is very cute! I love seeing kids play using their imaginations!