White Mountains

We rounded up our snow clothes again because it was time to get the kids out on the ski slopes.  It was a total splurge, but I suppose one needs a good splurge now and then.  I am not so keen on trips, you know.  The bright side was that it was short, I had a whole morning to get ready with Jarom’s help and we had a comfortable place to stay (although that doesn't mean anyone slept well)  I really enjoyed being encircled by the kid’s excitement in the days leading up to the adventure. 
Road trip
Layne was sure he was going to speed down the mountain and do jumps and tricks, because he already knows how to ski.  This is one of Layne’s many quirks, he is confident he knows how to do pretty much anything even thought he has never had any experience.  He knows he can and is very convincing.

We put Layne in full day ski school which included 2-90 minute lessons.  I skied with him from 2-4 pm and he had picked up a lot of good skills, namely, staying upright most of the time.  After going down the bunny hill once, he coasted right over to the mid mountain lift which took him up to his first green.  He did not like the lift ride, the height was a little much for him, it was cold and windy and long.  Getting off was a bit tricky for him too, he wiped out the first couple times.  I warned him that there were some really scary runs up on the mountain and he needed to stay close to me so that I can tell him which way to go.  Turns out, he had no control, he just went straight down with out slowing and finally coasted to a stop at the bottom.

Layne was thrilled with himself and so excited to do it again.  I knew he had gotten lucky to have not taken any turns off of greens, but was impressed that he never fell.  He got slightly better on the last run at slowing up here and there, but took a really hard fall that did him in.  His body was so exhausted and he was freezing because he didn’t want his jacket zipped and took his gloves off because he got snow in them.

Brik had plans to bring his bicycle helmet and thought he could probably snow ski alright when he is five since he did water ski really well when he was three.  I thought this was reasonable. He forgot the helmet, but the ski goggles made his day.

We put Brik in full day Fun Zone Kids Care with one 90 minute ski lesson.  He never learned to ski on his own, but had a good time through the whole day.  When I went to get him at 1pm he was begging to go out and ski again.  After a bed wreck with Brik between his legs, Jarom found a new way to keep Brik upright by having him hang on to his ski poles while Jarom balanced him.  It took a lot of effort, but Jarom got him up on mid mountain and kept up with us fairly well.

After a crummy night sleep and being left all day in the kids care with strangers while his family skied Roxwell made it all the way to Payson before loosing it.  As he was having his melt down I was trying to comfort him.  Finally I told him we were going home and he could sleep in his own bed.  He got quiet, I kept talking and he wailed again, but when I went back to the part about his bed, he stopped.  I went on and on for a couple minutes until he pushed me away and pointed for me to go back to my seat.  He fell asleep and was fine the rest of the way.  He just wanted to be understood!  Roxwell was such a trooper. When we were returning Brik’s skiis he said “I wanna skateboard!”

As for the parents, whew, a lot of work!  We reminisced our first time skiing.  Jarom’s was at Sunrise too, where his dad started him off (without any instruction) on the mid mountain ski lift.  Apon boarding his first lift ever, he dropped his (handmade by Mom) mitten.  As soon as they got off the lift, Dad says “I’m going to go find your mitten, I’ll meet you at the bottom.”  Jarom does not have good memories.

I remember it being hard, but fun and my gloves got ruined and my hands hurt from the rope pulley that was on the bunny hill. I also remember my fuscia jacket, florescent pink rainbow bright ear muffs and  turquoise snow pants, but that is probably because of the pictures.

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Kathryn said...

Way to go Kara and Jarom! Man, I won't take my kids skiing that young! You are very nice! I'm so sad we haven't skiied this year at all. Oh well, maybe next year! Glad you had fun!