The Snow Day

I don't miss the snow.  Ever.

The kids thought it was going to be like Disneyland to spend a day in the snow.  They were the reason we made the trip, of coarse.  It hardly ever snows enough in Pine, AZ to get a good sledding hill, we kinda felt like this THIS was our chance.  Jarom miraculously had a Saturday off work, the stars had aligned.

The night before Layne got sick with a fever.  When Layne get's sick he does things like tills the garden and climbs onto the roof.  It was such a hard decision to go or not to.  A day of Layne whining about going to the snow and Brik sad about the lost opportunity while being stuck at home, again. So we headed out anyway.

I have to admit, snow does LOOK like a lot of fun.

"The Meadow"
But it is hard to drive in.

Not too much fun to dress for.

And definitely not fun to be sick in.

This made my day though...

After the 2 hour drive, I was antsy to go to the bathroom.  We got stuck pulling into the drive, so I had to wait longer than I wanted.  Roxwell couldn't even walk in the snow and Jarom had already headed up the hill to the cabin, which is a good hike, especially in snow, especially, especially wearing tennis shoes, especially, especially ,especially holding a bundled up 2 year old.  I told Brik to start getting dressed and I would be back down when I was done and started up.

It had taken me quite a while and I was pretty sure Brik was going to be half dressed, halfway up the hill, too tiered for another step, crying for someone to rescue him.  Nope.

Totally dressed with snow suit, coat, boots, gloves, "snow glasses," bicycle helmet (which he packed himself) and a shovel!  The kid was shoveling his way up the mountain!  And happily doing it!!

He ended up having a blast and luckily their were cousins for him to hang with.

Rowell was not so fond of the sledding.  It could have been that he landed on his face the first time down.

Poor Layne didn't even go down once, but he found a cozy place by the fire.  And that is saying something because cozy places were hard to find that day.

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