It's Great to be Eight!

We stayed on the diet for through Layne's birthday and it was no problem.  Jarom worked, but Kate was here and we crammed in swimming with friends, presents, interesting bean cupcakes,and going out for dinner. Before heading home that evening, we stopped at the dollar store to pick up some non edible treats for Layne's class and, of coarse, he needed to spend his birthday money.  He bought a calculator, stapler, highlighters, clip board and garbage can to set up his own little office desk.
Eight is the year that keeps on giving because even after the birthday celebration he had more excitement that week with his first cub scouts meeting.  He got all decked out in his uniform and got to hold the flag.  Also, on patriots day he proudly wore his uniform to school and got to stand around the flag and salute it for the flag ceremony and Dad came to school.
 The cream on top was this past weekend when family embraced him wholeheartedly in his decision to be baptized. My family, 
Dad's family,
 and some really great friends witnessed the beauty of a child coming unto Christ.
 He personally produced the program; 
Opening song ---- Baptism
Opening prayer ---- Kara Bagley
Talk on Baptism ---- Sterling Whal
Talk on The Holy Ghost ---- Elaine Bagley
Special Musical Number ---- Kate Kunkel
Remarks from Bishop
Remarks from Sister Burnett
Closing Song ---- I’m Trying to be Like Jesus
Closing Prayer ---- Leisle Decker
 and it was flawless. Grandma Bagley shared a special experience she had with the Holy Ghost and Aunt Kate sang “I Believe in Christ,” which was also the special musical number at his my baptism. Layne was recognized by Grandma Bagley for being a leader and by Sister Burnett for being a great helper.  
  We had pizza and cookies at our house afterwards to socialize with everyone who came.  I enjoyed the day immensely and couldn't have been more proud to call him my son.  Layne beamed with reverence as he took the responsibility very seriously.  Love you big boy.

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