Through Their Point of View

I love it when what they say gives you a window straight into their brain.  I want to laugh, but I know laughing out loud will alert them to their childishness that they want to lose, while I want to hold onto. Because I can't remember the day before, the only way to hold onto these memories is to write them down.  But where do my precious moments for daily journaling go to?  Other tasks of great importance, no doubt.  So here is a peek, because sadly, that is what I have time for at the moment.
 As primary president, I was conducting a teacher in service at church.  The class rooms we full, so we set up chairs in the kitchen.  When we came out Layne asked "Were you teaching our teachers how to cook?"
 I was getting Brik's breakfast ready, he stood beside me and said, "It stinks in here."  I said, "I'm sorry, I tooted."  He looked confused "I thought girls can't toot."
One of Roxwell's therapy activities involves rubbing oil on a piece of vinyl.  As I placed his hand in the puddle of oil he said "Yucky."  I said "It's not yucky."  He looked up at me and questioned "Yummy?"


Diane said...

They just always make me laugh - and love them soooo much, can't wait to see them... and soon!

Alison said...

You're the primary president? Wow, busy busy woman!

ashley in wonderland said...